Lever Buckle

Stealth Sports lever buckle replacement is rust-resistant and ensures lasting stability, warding off corrosion for durability. It seamlessly fits a variety of standard-sized lever belts, offering a practical replacement solution that eliminates the need for an entirely new belt purchase. This approach emphasizes both longevity and cost-efficiency.

Optimum Assistance: Lever Buckle for weight lifting belt enables swift and effortless replacement, eliminating the need to struggle with your belt, and can be easily detached. BUCKLE ONLY. (Belt not included).

Easy Replacement: The replacement lever buckle is designed to be compatible with the majority of standard-sized lever belts that utilize a similar lever design.

Durable and Robust: The lever buckle for powerlifting beltis resistant to rust, provides robust and enduring stability, ensuring there is no occurrence of corrosion or rust whatsoever, thus contributing to its long-lasting nature.

Effortlessly Exchange:The lever buckles for are equipped with screws and the lever mechanism, enabling you to replace any malfunctioning or damaged component on your belt, eliminating the need to buy an entirely new lever belt.

Seamless Returns and Warranty:You can receive a complete refund of the purchase price within one-year from your purchase if you’re dissatisfied for any reason.


  • Rust-free metal;
  • Easy installation;
  • Strong and durabale;
  • Lever buckle with 2 screws;
  • Fits most standard size lever belts;
  • One-year warranty;