Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Stealth Sports figure 8 lifting straps are a great solution for heavy lifting in case normal grip is not an option, securing your grip and hands onto the bar or dumbbell. Our straps are made with durable nylon and neoprene lining, that adds more durability, resistance and shock absorption during heavy pulling movements.

Professional Lifting Accessory: With the Stealth Sports lifting straps, you can train safely and efficiently regardless of your fitness level. Choose our figure 8 lifting strap when a normal grip is not possible and perform your training undisturbed.

Secure Design: These weightlifting straps have a simple but effective 8 shape that ensures a secure lock-in of your hands onto the bar, for a more controlled lifting and stronger grip.

Heavy-Duty Material: The Stealth Sports figure 8 straps are designed with high-quality nylon completed with shock-absorbing neoprene padding. The materials are durable, strong, and provide increased safety and stability during lifting.

Comfortable Wear: Our lifting wrist straps not only help you train better but also more comfortably. These wraps are strong and allow a secure hold onto the bar or dumbbell, keeping your hands in a comfortable position.

For Intense Workouts: Train like a pro in any condition with the Stealth Sports weight straps! Durable and secure, our wrist straps are a must-have heavy lifting, bodybuilding, deadlift or fitness, securing your wrist for better and safe pulling actions.


  • Heavy-duty figure 8 straps;
  • Set of 2 dual-loop straps;
  • Durable and reliable;
  • Top-quality nylon;
  • Neoprene lining;
  • Sleek and professional design;
  • Enhanced stability and control;
  • Provides wrist support;
  • Strong resistance to heavy pulling;
  • Comfortable wear;
  • One size fits all.