Neck Harness

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The Stealth Sports head harness was designed with your safety and comfort in mind, allowing you train like a beast in a safe and efficient way. Our neck harness is made with high-quality nylon, reinforced stitching, and a heavy-duty 26-inch chain for increased durability and strength. This neck trainer can help you strengthen your neck muscles by offering excellent stability and comfort during heavy weightlifting.

Go Full Beast Mode: Train your neck muscles safely and efficiently with the Stealth Sports head harness! This professional neck exerciser harness is essential for strengthening your neck and upper back muscles while enjoying amazing comfort.

Heavy-Duty Harness: The Stealth Sports neck strengthener is comprised of head harness made with high-quality nylon material and durable stitching, and a heavy-duty 26-inch chain for increased resistance and safety.

Maximum Performance: Our neck harness for weight training can help you train more effectively, improve muscle strength and training technique during heavy weightlifting and neck strengthening exercises by offering enhanced stability and a secure hold.

Excellent Comfort: This professional neck trainer features an extra-wide superior saddle and head straps equipped with neoprene padding, that ensures excellent comfort and support during training.

Fully Adjustable: The 26-inch chain is secured by 2 carabiners at both ends that allow you to adjust the chain at the desired length. Also, the head chain has an adjustable back with hook and loop strap to accommodate any head size.


  • Tested for strength and endurance;
  • Heavy-duty construction;
  • 26-inch chain;
  • Neoprene padding for more comfort;
  • Fully adjustable back hook and loop strap;
  • Durable carabiners;
  • Enhanced stability and security;
  • Can help improve strength and training technique;
  • Comfortable wear;
  • Adjustable metal chain.