About Us

Welcome to Stealth Sports, your pro sports equipment, and accessories supplier. Based in Australia, we specialize in the supply of professional fitness and athletics sports equipment and accessories. Quality accessories and gears for sports like boxing, MMA, and general fitness.

For boxing enthusiast, we have accessories like boxing gloves, focus pads, groin guard, shin protector, hand wraps, head guards, inners, etc. Our fitness accessories include but not limited to arm blaster, weightlifting belts, power hooks, figure 8 strap, Ankle D Ring, lifting straps, wrist wrap, and gym gloves.

At Stealth Sports, our vision is to produce state of the art sports gear that will be up to standard and durable; this is what informed our choices in our raw materials for the manufacture of these accessories. We make sure synthetic and organic material are employed during production, this in turns ensure durability, comfort, and beauty of our product.

Our products are results of long hours of experts’ works coupled with a painstaking technological craftsmanship to give you the best quality sports accessories at affordable price.

Stealth Sports has an easy to use medium, where you can order for any choice of yours in our range of sports gears and accessories, pay with cards and we will deliver to your doorstep, any day, anywhere in the world.

We also have an efficient customer service support in place to attend to you and enhance your shopping experience.

Stealth Sports…….battle on!!!!!