Weight Lifting Straps

Stealth Sports lifting straps are the ideal accessory for men and women who engage in weightlifting at all levels. The straps are made with heavy-duty materials and equipped with soft padding and silicone grip that provides both a strong grip and more comfort during lifting.

Push Your Limits: Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or a beginner, the Stealth Sports lifting straps (Set of 2) are a must-have! These straps are designed to secure a strong grip on any workout equipment, being a great assistant in your fitness journey.

Great Support and Cushioning:  Our 24” long weightlifting straps deliver great support for your wrist while ensuring a firm grip on bars, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Also, the straps provide excellent cushioning for your hands, reducing the risk of bruising or calluses. 

Durable Material: Stealth Sports powerlifting straps are made with professional-grade nylon material with integrated silicone for extra grip and resistance. Our wraps are extremely durable and resilient, great for heavy lifting training.

Soft and Comfortable: These deadlift straps come equipped with soft foam padding for enhanced comfort, cushioning, and breathability. Also, they have an extended length that allows you to wrap the straps several times protecting your hands during lifting. 

Versatile Use: Our gel lifting wrist Straps can prove very practical and handy during intense training. The straps were specially designed for any training, such as heavy lifting, bodybuilding, kettlebell work, or powerlifting, securing your wrist and facilitating lifting. 


  • Professional lifting straps;
  • Heavy-duty material;
  • Enhanced wrist support and cushioning;
  • Integrated silicone for extra grip;
  • Soft wrist padding;
  • Comfortable use;
  • 24-inch extended length;
  • Moisture-absorbing material;
  • Washable;
  • Great for heavy lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, kettlebell work, and more;
  • Universal size;
  • Secure hold;
  • Sold in Pairs.