Power Lifting Straps

These lifting straps are a must-have for safe heavy lifting workouts, allowing you to keep up with your bodybuilding journey. Made with durable nylon materials, our straps are amazingly strong and reliable, guaranteed to withstand countless weight lifting training.

Train Like a Pro: Go full beast mode and push your limits because the Stealth Sports powerlifting straps have got you covered! These professional straps provide wrist support and ensure a strong grip for heavy weight lifting.

Heavy-Duty Material: Our neoprene padding wrist straps are made with premium quality nylon, known for each outstanding durability and resilience. These deadlift straps are super strong and reliable, securing your wrist while lifting for more safety and support.

Excellent Support: These power lifting wrist wraps provide excellent wrist support and at the same time, enhanced security during lifting. Our straps are equipped with a dowel that ensures a strong closure and a more controlled and firmer grip.

For Intense Training: If you are keen to become stronger each day, then your workout will not be complete without the Stealth Sports weightlifting straps. They are a must-have for heavy lifting, deadlift, training, especially for athletes, bodybuilders, but also fitness enthusiasts.

Adjustable Design: The Stealth Sports weightlifting wrist straps feature an adjustable wrist wrap that allows you to fix the length for a stronger grip. Also, it helps you to train more comfortably with heavy weights.


  • Premium nylon material;
  • Dowel for stronger grip;
  • Professional lifting accessories;
  • Pack of 2 straps;
  • Adjustable wrist wraps;
  • Excellent wrist support;
  • Maximum comfort and support;
  • Secure closure;
  • Can help to protect your wrists;
  • Ideal for heavy lifting workouts, fitness, powerlifting or bodybuilding.