Inner Gloves - Black

Size Guide

Stealth Sports boxing inner gloves are made with high-end materials and strong stitching, these inner wraps provide better coverage for the wrist, palm and fingers, as well as better stability and support. These inner gloves for boxing promote a normal hand position, improve resilience and flexibility and may help minimize the risk of injury, protecting your hand at all times!

Protect Your Hands:Keep your hands protected and enjoy excellent support during your training with the Stealth Sports inner hand wraps! These inner gloves promote optimal hand position and provide enhanced support without affecting your flexibility and punch strength.

Premium-Quality Design:Our boxing inner gloves are crafted with high-quality materials and designed to withstand long hours of training without deteriorating with ease! Made with premium materials and reinforced stitching, these gloves will keep your hands safe for many training sessions to come!

Enhanced Wrist Support and Compression:The boxing inner mitts provide optimal compression and better coverage for your wrist and fingers. With enhanced support, these gloves keep your hands in position, strengthen the joint and improve your resilience and strength.

Soft and Breathable:These fingerless gloves are not only durable and resistant but also very soft and comfortable. The breathable and stretchy material drains the moisture to keep your hands dry while ensuring a perfect fit and an optimal level of stability and compression.

Versatile Use:Versatile, reliable and durable, our boxing inner gloves hand wraps are excellent martial arts training equipment, as they can be used for kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, sparring, combat sports, or gym training.


  1. Sold as a pair;
  2. Available in various sizes;
  3. Superior quality materials;
  4. Durable and strong;
  5. Very soft and breathable;
  6. Comfortable wear;
  7. Moisture-wicking fabric;
  8. Stretchy material ensures a perfect fit;
  9. Half-finger design;
  10. Ideal for MMA, Muay Thai, martial arts, kickboxing, combat sports, gym, sparring;