Training Gloves - Blue

Size Guide

Stealth Sports professional gym gloves are a must-have for every man and woman who doesn’t give up when it comes to well-established fitness goals. The gloves ensure a strong grip for more control and stability, which makes them suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, cycling, fitness, and more.

Professional Training Equipment: The Stealth Sports lifting gloves were designed to ensure a strong grip during workouts while protecting your hands. Durable and comfy, these gloves are everything you need to maximize your athletic performance.

Excellent Grip: Our weightlifting gloves are equipped with a cushioned pad with anti-slip points for a strong and easy-grip. The abrasion-resistant and anti-skid design ensures excellent stability and durability during heavy lifting.

Soft and Breathable: These professional workout gloves for men and women have a hollow-out back to promote a constant airflow for enhanced breathability. Also, the soft foam padding provides great support and comfort, preventing the formation of calluses.

Comfortable Fit: We designed these exercise gloves with your safety and comfort in mind. The gym gloves for men are very elastic, not too tight nor too loose, accommodating your palm just perfectly. They also have visible tabs for a quick and smooth pull-off.

Multipurpose Use: Whether you are a dedicated weightlifter or passionate about cycling or other sports, the Stealth Sports cycling gloves are a must-have for you! The comfortable fit and heavy-duty design make these gloves perfect for gym, fitness, cycling, weightlifting, or strength training.


  • Anti-slip dotted design;
  • Cushioned support;
  • Extra strong grip;
  • Elastic and easy to take off;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Breathable and lightweight;
  • Abrasion-resistant;
  • Heavy-duty construction;
  • Perforated palm design;
  • Visible pull-off tabs;
  • Suitable for heavy lifting, fitness, bodybuilding, cycling.