Arm Blaster - Black

The Stealth Sports bicep curl support isolator is definitely a must for muscle training and bodybuilding enthusiasts, providing enhanced support for your bicep curls, improving technique and maximizing performance. Made with durable materials, with comfortable elbow and neck padding for a safe experience.
A Must for Gym Enthusiasts: Whether you’re looking for a way of maximizing your biceps & triceps curls or you’re simply tired of constantly having to wait for your turn in the gym, the Stealth Sports preacher curl band is the perfect choice!

Heavy Duty Construction: This arm blaster for biceps is made with premium quality, highly durable materials, with heavy gauge contoured plate to fit closely across the midsection and ultra-thick neoprene padding on neck and elbows, guaranteed to withstand the test of time. 

Ergonomic Design: Featuring a lightweight ergonomic design, with 24” total length and superior neoprene neck and elbow padding for maximum comfort and safety, this bicep blaster will instantly become your favourite workout accessory.

    Train Like A Pro: This arm blaster is perfect for bodybuilding and muscle training, allowing you to focus on increasing performance and improving technique, getting maximum results with each curl or lift while eliminating swinging motions!

    Ideal for Home and Gym: With an adjustable harness, one-size-fits-all design and maximum bicep pump, the Stealth Sports power twister bar is an excellent solution for home or gym, being portable and extremely light, fitting nicely in your bag or backpack!
    • Dimensions: 24 inches length;
    • Thick neoprene padding;
    • Properly isolates your biceps and triceps;
    • Maximizes muscle gains;
    • Increased tension, eliminates swinging;
    • Comfortable and safe;
    • Heavy gauge contoured plate to fit closely across the midsection;
    • Adjustable harness, one size fits all;
    • Portable and lightweight.