Shin Instep Guard

Size Guide

Stealth Sports shin instep guard has a heavy-duty construction made with 12mm thick foam padding that provides outstanding protection and comfort at the same time. The shin pads are equipped with a stretchy elastic closure and have a design that covers the shins and top of your foot that can support even the strongest kicks and helping to prevent injury.

Upgrade Your Training: The Stealth Sports kickboxing shin guard is essential for safe and high-performance martial arts training, that can help you train undisturbed and prevent injuries. The guard is durable and reliable, protecting your shin and helping you improve your kick.

Superior Quality: Our shin guards mma are made with a durable, 12mm thick EVA foam padding and elastic cotton that provides excellent contact protection and cushioning. The material is skin-friendly but strong and resistant to long hours of kicks and training.

Excellent Support and Protection: The shin pads are carefully positioned and designed to provide maximum protection during strong kicks. The padding is thick and durable but also lightweight and secure, preventing the guard from slipping during training and holding back your kick.

Comfortable Wear: Our MMA shin guards for men & women feature a comfortable elastic material, which is lightweight and soft, for more comfort during training. Also, the guard comes with a stretchable closure strap that provides a perfect fit on your leg.

Multipurpose Use: With such a heavy-duty design and enhanced shin protection, this kick pad guard is suitable for a wide variety of martial arts and contact sports including Muay Thai, MMA, Taekwondo, karate, kickboxing and more.



  • 12mm thick EVA foam padding;
  • Durable and reliable;
  • Secure fit;
  • Made with high-quality elastic cotton fabric;
  • Suitable for MMA, Muay Thai, karate, kickboxing, martial arts;
  • Comfortable and lightweight;
  • Stretchable strap closure;
  • Superior cushioning and support;
  • Maximum protection for legs;
  • Easy to slip on;
  • Can help prevent injury;
  • Wide variety of sizes;