Shin Instep Guard

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The Stealth shin instep protection is a washable slip-on shin which gives full protection with convenient practicality. It is made from a comfortable polyester blend material that are easily slip on your legs while remaining attached during heavy action. Ideally designed to offer a super-strong and lightweight protection for the whole leg.

Striking with your shins in the course of trainings or completion can be dangerous for you and/or your opponent if you don't use protective shin guards. So relax as you use your full striking skill with peace of mind with these protective shin guards.


  • 12mm thick EVA foam padding which is ideally sized and positioned to offer maximum contact protection on the shins and top of feet
  • Made of comfortable elastic cotton material
  • Slides on easily and stays in place all workouts long.
  • It is made from a lightweight material and so will not weigh you down while in action
  • It comes with a special elastic to give you the perfect fit
  • Ideal for MMA, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Karate and other martial arts
Lastly, this shin instep protection comes with hook and loop elastic strap at the top of the guard which allows the wearer to protect their legs. So don't go for cheap knock-offs or mass-produced guards that don't fit or protect your shins. Get your fight on with stealth shin instep protection.