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A metal plate connecter slides over the neck to lock the arms into the grooved sections of each side of the metal plate. One of the modern tools in effective biceps training attached with dumbbells, barbells and cable machines.

Arnold Schwarzenegger exercised with arm blaster in his early times and highlighted one of his favorite gym workouts of his time. In past, mostly he used arm blaster with EZ curl bar dumbbell as well as twisted curl exercises. During his times, he used to be adopted classic biceps training method of using biceps curl 21s to get bigger biceps which was popularized by every young lifter.

Arm Blaster Functionality

The basic functionality involve is to prevent the arms movement with firm elbow support isolating the biceps to force them work harder towards position of the curl. One of the major advantages is to enforce biceps muscles stimulation preventing them for excessive swinging.  During the exercise, once the intensity of the isolated biceps rises, arms start getting more growth.

 According to muscle physiology concept, the Arm Blaster balances the length-tension relationship of the muscles, adjusting the level of force a muscle can generate relative to its length.  Since decades everyone awe to see the biceps of Arnold Schwarzeneggerbut surprisingly failed to understand the functionality of Arm Blaster and muscles support system with percentage change to raise muscles.

The above demonstration educates the new or existing body builders to get familiar with close dexterity of Arm Blaster and muscles curls before moving into the exercises and reps.

Exercise Tip!

Check the weight you’re going to lift as the arm blaster restrict the weight up to the half you’re currently lifting to have the same amount of sets and reps with your arm blaster.

Why should consider investing in Arm Blaster?

 Muscle Building Companion

 The disciplined use of arm blaster inflict good curling habits with arms in close to your side not swinging backwards of the elbows or slipping outwards during your reps. These habits keep the elbows close to your sides even eliminate any swinging or full contraction at each repetition.

Balance the Muscles –Tension

The use of arm blaster maintains the balance between amount of tension to muscle and its relative size. The consistent raise in weight not only strengthen the bicep’s small muscle group in single workout but also increase the tension on your biceps with increased weight, increased reps and/or reduced rest time between sets.

In addition, the strap around the neck constricts the arms into the correct curling position and don’t allow much movement outside of this.

Self Check tool

 The arm blaster is more like a self check tool between show off to others or an involvement of ego. Most of the lifters’ mentality is to lift as heavy as possible just to show off to others. The lifter can get immediate alert due to arm blaster to check your ego instantly by sensibly choosing an appropriate weight to earn a curl with strict form from the bottom of the motion.

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