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Right Size for Right Person

The company is strongly committed to produce not only quality protection gloves but with right fighting combination. The gloves designer minutely focuses on an overall boxing experience particularly relevant to the height and weight of an individual. The particular classification guidelines are as below




5” 4’ or less

12 or 14 oz

54 Kg and down


14 or 16 oz

54 Kg – 68 Kg


16 or 18 or 20 oz

68 Kg – 82 Kg

5”5’ – 5”9’

18 oz and up

82 Kg

If anyone is new to buy the boxing gear, they can follow the general tips as below:

  •  Prefer extra supple gloves for martial arts purpose.
  • If hitting heavy bags and mitts, prefer thick padded gloves
  • Prefer heavier gloves (14 oz and up) for ring training purpose.
  • In case of competition, preference should be given to lighter gloves (10 oz and below)
  • Measure the circumference of hand below the knuckle:
    • 6 – 7.5 inch for Small gloves
    • 5 – 8.5 inch for Medium gloves
    • 5 – 9.5 inch for Large gloves
    • 5 above for Extra Large gloves

Right Gloves for Right Fight

 Don’t compromise on your protection to remain uncomfortable with pain. The selection of gloves is mostly based on type of activities:

Training/Punching Bag Gloves

These are general purpose gloves just practical enough to hit the punching bag and box with. The Stealth Sports training gloves are in heavy padding to protect and sustain against an injury as compared to traditional thin padded gloves. Most of these gloves are ideal for beginners and individuals just to start punching without human.

Training/Punching Bag Gloves

Sparing Boxing Gloves

These are middle type of gloves use for training as well as competition purposes against human. The main advantage of such gloves is to protect fighters without getting hurt focusing just on to learn/practice the fighting techniques.

Sparing Boxing Gloves

Professional/Competition Boxing Gloves

These are supreme category gloves focus to manufacture to hurt the opponent in light weight material. The professional boxers are always ready to invest on such high quality pairs

Professional/Competition Boxing Gloves


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