Knee Wraps

The Stealth Sports knee straps have a heavy-duty structure that aims to support your knee joint during heavy weightlifting while providing amazing compression and support. Our knee wraps are designed especially for people who are not afraid to push their limits and know that true strength lies in that final rep. The straps are durable, flexible, and secure, perfect for both men and women who always go for beast training.

Full Beast Mode: Push your limits every day because Stealth Sports knee straps for weightlifting has got you covered! This durable knee wraps provides outstanding support during heavy weightlifting while boosting your athletic performance.

Excellent Support: This professional knee wraps for squats is 78-inch long and 3-inch wide, they are designed with carefully chosen materials to offer enhanced support and compression during workouts. The durable but flexible structure can help to provide comfort and protection for your knees.

High-Intensity Training: Your workout would not be complete with the Stealth Sports knee wrap support for men and women. Our straps are the support your knees need during powerlifting, heavy weightlifting, squats, cross-training, and other high-intensity workouts.

Heavy-Duty Materials: These gym knee wraps for men are made with a top combination of high-quality cotton-poly elastic that ensures amazing durability and strong hold. Also, the straps have reinforced stitching for added resistance.

Safety First: Our powerlifting knee wraps are fully adjustable for a customized fit and strong hold for both men and women. The straps also come with a hook and look strap to secure the wraps into a steady position while training.


  • Professional knee wraps;
  • Dimensions: 78 x 3-inch.
  • One size fits all;
  • Sold in pairs;
  • Secure hook and loop closure;
  • Durable and resilient;
  • Reinforced stitching;
  • Super-elastic material reduces stress wear and tear;
  • Made with cotton-poly elastic;
  • Offers more support and protection for the knee joint;
  • Great for high-intensity leg workouts, squats, powerlifting; cross-training;
  • Can help to prevent injuries and speed up recovery;
  • Excellent support and compression;
  • Fully adjustable.