Hand Wraps


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The Stealth Sports boxing wraps are a necessity for any boxing or martial arts enthusiast, helping protect knuckles, tendons and soft tissues of your hands while striking and defending. Made with a elasticized cotton & polyester material, with an adjustable hook and loop closure which fits most wrists

Superior Wrist Support:The Stealth Sports wrist wraps boxing were designed for professional and amateur boxing enthusiasts who understand the importance of keeping their knuckles, tendons and soft tissue protected during competition or training.

Breathable Texture:Unlike similar products on the market, this hand wraps features a highly breathable texture which prevents excess sweat, plus a quick dry fabric which is 100% skin-friendly and lightweight.

Premium Material:These martial arts hand wraps are made with superior quality, elasticized cotton & polyester material, being washable, durable and guaranteed to withstand the test of time without losing their shape or elasticity.

Multifunctional Use:Use these boxing wrist wraps as inserts in your training gloves, for different martial arts and contact sports. Wrap between your fingers and knuckles for added protection.

Comfort is Key:The Stealth Sports boxing bands provide superior comfort and performance, with a thick stretchable cotton & polyester material and long hook & loop closure for easy wrapping/unwrapping according to your individual needs.


  • Approximate length: 5m;
  • Breathable and fast drying;
  • Thick and stretchable;
  • Sold as a pair;
  • Elastic cotton & polyester material;
  • Hand wrap bandaging for use inside boxing gloves, martial arts gloves;
  • Supports wrists and protects hands;
  • Custom fit with long hook & loop closure.

Make sure your hands are protected during combat with these premium martial arts hand wraps!