Contoured Weight Lifting Belt

Size Guide

Our Contoured designed weightlifting belt is definitely an accessory that will not cease to amaze with its resilience and outstanding performance. This belt provides both increased comfort and excellent back support, so you can train like a beast without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

Durable & Lightweight: Our lifting belt is made with carefully chosen materials to ensure increased durability. This contoured belt is 6-Inch wide and 7mm thick with the combination of neoprene and lightweight padding material, for enhanced comfort and support during training. Inner soft fabric which is comfortable against your skin.

Beast Mode Training: The Stealth Sports contoured weightlifting belt is functionally designed to custom fit the natural shape of the body, and a must-have for those who want to push their limits every day. With its heavy-duty design and outstanding back support, this gym belt is perfect for full beast mode workouts.

Quick & Easy Release: In order to optimise performance, our squat belt is designed with a heavy-duty secure roller buckle along with hook & loop closure. The secured webbing of the nylon strap ensures a comfortable custom fit.

Superior Performance: This professional workout belt makes an amazing job at maximizing athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. Use it for squats, deadlifts, lunges, or other exercises for increased safety and a strong core.

Exceptional Back Support: The Stealth Sports lifting belts for men and women are specially designed to provide lumbar support and comfort. The belt is equipped with thick padding that delivers optimal compression, essential for pain-free training.


  • 6-Inch wide contoured design;
  • 7mm thick soft padding;
  • Hook & loop strap;
  • Light weight;
  • Enhanced back support;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Adjustable design;
  • Durable and reliable;
  • Excellent for bodybuilding and high-intensity workouts.

Push your limits and train like a pro with the Stealth Sports belt!